DMHERMES TRADE s.r.o., food producer and distributor since 1992.


We have been trading and importing original Greek food into the Czech Republic since the very beginning. We started with importing olives, olive oil, ready-made Greek meals and quality Greek wine.

Today we have a complex offer of Greek specialities including refrigerated and frozen products. We have spacious and modern storage available, which ensures the stable quality of all our products. Apart from running the eshop we have been a significant deliverer of Greek products for the retail and gastronomy. We carefully choose top quality products from all over Greece and we strive for personal approach and regular service for all our customers.

In the course of the years we have been feeling more and more intensely the need to produce something which would be ours, healthy and still tasty...


We launched healthy fruit bars Bombus in 2014.

We gradually expand our product portfolio and enter foreign markets. At the moment our Bombus RAW ENERGY is the leader of the Czech fruit bar market and we export them into more than 20 countries. We want to continue producing healthy products from purely natural sources which not only boost energy quickly but also supply body with the needed vitamins, minerals and fibre. We are going to use only top quality ingredients and with the utmost care see to it that our products have not only functional benefits but also unique taste.

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